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Drako's Den

Lock Drako Up

Thank you, you may want to save/print this page so you can follow the directions below.

When I tell you that you are now my key holder:
Setup the session for me on EmlaLock OR
You may tell me to adopt a random session and have dual keyholders.

You may also request which one of my cages you would like me in at the start of the session.
Use the File Number when requesting the cage I am to wear.
If you do not request a cage, I will choose one myself.

Note: During the setup stage of our session,
we will need to be on near constant communication.
You want me locked up the same day we start,
if not within the hour of us starting the session.

The guide below is to help you setup a session.

Use the link under "Holder Options" called "Generate a KeyID".
You will be taken to the following pages:


  • Session Type: Comination Picture / Verification
    Verification would require me submitting a picture proving I'm locked (please no more often than 24 hours).
  • Picture by: Wearer / Holder
    (Choose Wearer)
  • Emergency Password is in case I need out before the session ends.
  • Activity Feed: Allows me to see what causes my time to be changed, and may allow me to see how much time was added or removed.

Session Links:

  • Friend Link: The Friend Link allows me to share a link with my friends that will allow them to vote to add or remove time from my session.
  • Requirement Links: (Please no more than 5)
    Requirement Links are link I must share and have a certain number of people visit to vote on adding or removing time from my session.
    If I don't get the required number of link shares met, then the timer never starts and I'm stuck in session.

Offer Session:

  • Offer To: To ensure only I can start the session Offer it to me Only as Key Id OR to the Specific User.
    My Username is: jmac32here
  • Holder Can Transfer Session: Please Select No, I'd rather not have you loose being my keyholder to some random stranger.
  • Holder Can See Friend Link: This allows you to see and share my Freind Link.
  • Holder Can Activate Pillory: This allows you to activate a special voting session for me that puts me on a spotlight page where other users vote to add time to my session.

Template: There is no reason to use a template, so it's always set to "NO"


  • Duration Type: Please use Specific Duration since it offers more control and is easier to setup.*
    Specific Date will Give you 3 Options; "Start Until" (Starting Duration), "At least until" (Minumum Duration), "At most until" (Maximum duration)
    But in Date Format.
  • Randomize Starting Duration (Up to Starting Duration): This option will randomize how long my starting duration may be.
  • Starting Duration: This is how long my session will be at the start of the session, unless Randomized.
    A good starting duration is 2-6 week.
  • Minimum Duration: This is how short my duration could end up being if time is reduced by voting or games.
    It defaults to "1 day" but I'm sure you'd want me locked longer than 24 hours - so I suggest you change that.
    A good minimum is 1-2 weeks.
  • Maximum Duration: This is the longest my session can run for if time is added by voting or games.
    You may set this to however long you desire, but I prefer that all sessions have a Maximum Duration of 4-6 weeks to be fair to waiting keyholders.

Please keep in mind that users on the site could vote to add or remove time from my session.
So a good format for setting up a Specific Duration is: Maximum/2=Starting and Starting/2=Minimum
For Example:
If you set my Maximum at 4 weeks, Starting would be 2 weeks, and Minimum would be 1 week.
This will ensure I'm not let out too quickly.

Display Mode

  • Time Passed: This will allow me to see how long I have been locked in this session.
  • Time Left: This will allow me to see how much time is left for this session.
  • Show Approximate: Will show an approximate time vs the actual time to make things fuzzy.
  • Surprise Me: I have no idea what this option does.

Allowed Games:
This gives you options as to what games I am allowed to play to add/reduce the time of this session.
It also gives you options to control how time is added or removed by the games.
Note: The "Voting" options allows other users to be able to VOTE to add or reduce time from my session.
Many of the locked users are pansies and always seem to vote to reduce the time of other users. Maybe in some blind hope their own time will be reduced.


  • Number of Games Required: This will be how many games I must play within the set time frame to keep the timer running.
  • Number of Games Allowed: This is how many games I'm allowed to play within a set time frame.
    If set to Zero and there are any allowed games, than I can play them an unlimited number of times.
  • Voting Duration: This is the amount of time other users may vote to add or subtract from my time remaining.
  • Risk voting: This increases the risks that time will be added to my session if I vote against other users.
  • Apply Risk Voting On: This will apply the Risk of Voting to a specific choice I vote on against other users.

Wheel of Fortune: These options can be modified, added to, or removed. You can have up to 10 options.
The options can add or reduce time whenever I play Wheel of Fortune.
You may setup an option where the wheel could put me in the Pillory for a set amount of time.
You can use the Text Option so the wheel can have me do certain things, like wear a specific pair of underwear, play with a toy, or chage to a new cage.
You may change the Wheel Options anytime during the session as well.
Please let me know if you decide to get creative and setup rules that ensure me playing Wheel.
(IE: not letting me change underwear unless it tells me to.)

Hygiene Opening:
This allows you to decide if I am allowed to take the cage off for cleaning.
You may decide:

  • How often I may clean, shave, and change cages.
    I will change cages each time I am let out to clean and shave.
  • Which of My Cages I am to change to.
    Request the cage I am to change to by giving me the file number.
  • I will do an Edging Session with each cleaning.
    You may request video of the edging session or that I skip it.
  • I will ask if I may clean each Friday.

I would like 1 opening per week so I can clean and shave.

Session Links: This is the amount of time added or subtracted using the Friend Link.
Display Mode: This is the amount of time added if I decide to see how much longer remains and a Penalty was added to it.
Games: This is the amount of time added if I take too long cleaning with the cage off.
Pillory: This is the amount of time other users can add to my session if Pillory is activated on me.

The options on this page allow you to decide if I'm allowed to directly end/extend my session
or if I have to play a game of Wheel of Forutne to end/extend my session when the time is up.

This page allows you to import or export a session using some sort of Hash Code.
Not entirely sure how it works though.

After you go through all these options to customize the session:
You will click on the "Generate Key ID" button on the bottom of any of the pages.
If you chose to offer the session Only as a Key ID:
you will need to send my that Key ID so that I may start your session.

After you Generate the KeyID, feel free to join me in the RP Corner on DD Forums and/or DD Chat and locking me up in a "public" setting - with witnesses.

As a final reminder:

  • You may request I wear any of My Underwear or a Diaper.
    If you request I wear a diaper:
    You may request I wear any Specific Reusable/Disposable Diaper
    OR You may request I wear a Reusable or a Plain/Printed Disposable.
    You may also request I wear Plastic Pants and/or a Onesie.
    • Simply make the request by telling me the underwear Type and File #
      (ie "Underwear 5", "Reusable 1 with Onesie 1", "Diaper 3 with Plastic Pants 2")
      I'm willing to wear plastic pants and/or onesies over my diapers.
    • Or you may request I wear the same underwear or no underwear.
      Note: You can choose how often I change underwear,
      and if you do not make a request by the time I change:
      I will assume you left that decicion up to me and my randomizer.
    • The change underwear schedule is as follows:
      Note: When wearing Diapers, the Diaper will be changed daily.
      • Daily: 9 PM Every Day
      • Bi-Weekly: 9 PM Every Wednesday and Saturday
      • Weekly: 9 PM Every Friday
      • When Instructed: Can only change underwear when you and/or Wheel of Fortune tells me to.
  • You may tease me and RP with me - either on DD Chat or on Messenger.
    See My Kinks Here
  • You may request I do things on cam/video at any time.
    • Including having me use any of my toys, or have me do an Edging Session
    • This includes teasing me using my Lovense Hush plug. (My Username: jmac32here)
    • I will play with a random toy at least once a week of my own choosing.
  • You may also Reward/Punish me by changing my time.

You will need to remember you have all these options
I will not remind you during the session.

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