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Drako's Den

Lock Drako Up

Did you know you could add and remove time to my sessions?

Did I do something you didn't like, and would you like to punish me for it?
Like did I cum while toying on video or during an edging session and you didn't want me to cum?

Did I do something good that you think deserves a reward?

You can add time to my session to punish me.
Or you can Subtract time to reward me.

To add or subtract time:

  1. Login to EmlaLock
  2. Under "Holder Options" click on "View your Wearer's status".
  3. On to my session panel (jmac32here), click on the "Show More" button.
  4. Under "Holder Options" Use the "Change Duration" Option to "Add" or "Subtract" time to my session.
    • Use the "Reason" box to tell me why you changed the time.

You can also use those pages to make sure I'm providing the correct verification pictures when you choose Verification for my session.

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