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Drako's Den

Buy me Diapers?

This optional request is mostly aimed at key holders who wish to see me in (only) diapers
but is open to anyone who wants to be super nice and buy me diapers.

You may help keep me stocked by buying me diapers that I can wear during our session.
While I only request one pack of diapers, you are free to buy me as many packs as you wish.
This will allow me to have enough to be in diapers during our session.

You get the full choice in the diapers you buy me:

  • Type
  • Style
  • Prints
  • Scent
  • ect.

This gives you the power to make me wear any diaper you would want to see me in.
No matter the type of prints are on it. (Could be super girly and pink for all I care.)
They may also end up being super crinkly, and hard to not be noticed by others.

If you tell me the diapers you bought me
and they arrive before/during our session:

  • I will write your name on them and save them for our session.
  • You will have a number next to your name indicating how many packs you sent.
  • I will rotate between them and my reusable diapers during our session.

Please note that I am a size Large (36-38 inch waist).

If you check the box on the Sign up form to Lock me up stating you are willing to buy me diapers
I will contact you via TXT/Messenger about your offer
and provide you with all the details you will need to send me diapers.

Find ABDL (Printed) Diapers Here Find (Regular) Adult Daipers Here

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