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Drako's Den

Drako's Den Videos - jmac32here

These are the Videos of Drako Swiftclaw or jmac32here:

My first time mounting someone while in my new fursuit.

Drako's First Paw Job
Just got my new fursuit and this is the first time I pawwed while in it. Any furs in Seattle wanna help me break it in properly? Catch me on Telegram.

My foxxie friend came back and wanting to get another round of fucking me while in fursuit.

Taking my Chance toy and letting him fill me up.

Me getting boned by a fox in fursuit.


Foxxie mounted me a second time.

A short session using my e-Stim plug while locked in my chastity cage. This session was asked for by my keyholder.

Me riding my Bad Dragon Bruiser while in chastity.

One of my e-Stim Sessions

Me doing an e-stim chastity session.

Me putting on my Steel CB-600s chastity cage.

Seattle Snow 2017 from Drako Swiftclaw on Vimeo.

The first snow in Seattle: Nov 3, 2017

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