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Welcome to Drako's Den - Before Entering our site, please read this warning:

Our official domain is

President Donald Trump wants to remove your FIRST AMENDMENT rights to free speech and expression
Under the SISEA bill, which is an anti-porn bill disguised as a bill to stop internet sexual exploitation/child trafficking.

We have already had to make changes to our TOS to:

We can not let this bill pass at all. Doing so will affect millions of websites
Including Drako's Den
Forcing all websites that host adult content to either:

No website is safe, even art only sites will need to comply to this law.
Adult art can NOT be posted unless the website adhere to this law.

There is nothing in this bill protecting children
Loopholes in this bill may also potentially legalize child porn and exploitation.

You may follow the anti-SISEA movement on Twitter here.
(Even Twitter will be affected by this law, no more porn on Twitter-if it remains open.)

Before accessing Drako's Den, please help us stop this bill:
Sign this petition
TXT "SIGN PPRPXI" to 50409 to send letters to your representitves.

If this bill passes, Drako's Den will have to close forever.
This bill:

To date, all anti-trafficking bills have not only done nothing to stop trafficking.
But also made sex work more dangerous for consenting adults.

After helping to keep Drako's Den open, you can
Click here to continue to Drako's Den

This notice will be removed if this bill is shelved or killed in congress.
If we cannot kill this bill, there is a real threat to Drako's Den being able to stay open.

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