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Drako's Den

Drako Swiftclaw's Wishlist

So you wanna be super cool and send me shit?? Maybe there's something you absolutely want to see me wearing?? Maybe you wanna be super nice and send me something I can use??
Or perhaps something I have listed below you would love to get me, and perhaps see me in??
Either way, you may check out the shit below I really want for myself, and you can fill out the following form if you wish to send me anything.
(I do ask that you provide the name of any items currently on my wishlist so I may remove it from my wishlist.)

If you wanna know where to send shit to me?
Fill out the following form:

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Note the following:
My shirt and underwear (and diaper) size is usually a US Large (34-36 inch waist)
My pant size is 36 inches by 30 inches
You, as the super nice gift giver you are, are free to choose any of the other options that are provided to you for any items you are sending. (Color, style, quantity, and all that jazz)

Now for a short list of shit I will always accept:

  • Art of my fursona - he can be in any scene with pretty much anyone
  • Clothing
  • Condoms
  • Diapers - I am a babyfur and do wear these. Any diapers given to me I will wear and take pix of, but I do prefer more babyish styles and the types with tapes. (Pull-ups suck)
  • Lube - Face it, I'm gay and use lots of this...
  • Underwear - Sexy undies will certainly be shown off

Now for the full wishlist of items I really want:

  1. Fetish Zone "Drakon V2" the Dragon Sheath
  2. (ckc13) cock sheath
  3. (ckc17) caged shaft cockring
  4. Brief-like Adult size All-In-One Diaper, Nappy
  5. Nighttime Fully Waterproof ADULT Bedwetting Incontinence Underwear with Organic Bamboo Soaker - Solid or Print Color Exterior
  6. FT Raw Pup
  7. Top Drawer Cat Riding A Unicorn Boxer Briefs

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