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Drako's Den

Lock Drako Up

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I am currently in a session

Current Keyholder*

Chat Service Handle Underwear Change Ongoing
Telegram RedTheFoxy Both Bi-Weekly Yes
When not in session, as noted above, I am waiting for my
Current Keyholder to setup my session on using this step-by-step guide.

As a big feature of this kinky website:
I, Drako Swiftclaw, founder of Drako's Den, have decided to let you - the visitors to my little corner of the net - the ability to take ownership over me for up to 6 weeks at a time.

How am I going to let you own me?
You will be able to setup and run/track my chastity sessions using EmlaLock.
Therefore, you get turn(s) at being my key holder, and owning me for a bit.

During our session:

  • I will send you up to 5 pictures via text/messenger every day.
    You can do as you wish with the pictures.
    Including posting them online.
    • Picture(s) proving I am still locked.
    • Picture(s) of my daily underwear or diaper.
  • You may request I wear any of My Underwear or a Diaper and when I change underwear.
    If you request I wear a diaper:
    You may request I wear any Specific Reusable/Disposable Diaper
    OR You may request I wear a Reusable or a Plain/Printed Disposable.
    You may also request I wear Plastic Pants and/or a Onesie.
    • Simply make the request by telling me the underwear Type and File #
      (ie "Underwear 5", "Reusable 1 with Onesie 1", "Diaper 3 with Plastic Pants 2")
      I'm willing to wear plastic pants and/or onesies over my diapers.
    • Or you may request I wear the same underwear or no underwear.
      Note: You can choose how often I change underwear,
      and if you do not make a request by the time I change:
      I will assume you left that decicion up to me and my randomizer.
      Read more about these options here.
    • Certain underwear would require I remove the cage to wear them.*
  • You may tease me and RP with me - either on DD Chat, DD Forums, or on Messenger.
    See My Kinks Here
  • You may request I do things on cam/video at any time.
    • Including having me use any of my toys, or have me do an Edging Session
    • This includes teasing me using my Lovense Hush plug. (My Username: jmac32here)
    • I will play with a random toy at least once a week of my own choosing.
    • If the toy requires me to remove my cage, I will change cages after play.*
  • You may also Reward/Punish me by changing my time.
  • If allowed hygiene openings, you may decide:
    • How often I may clean, shave, and change cages.
    • Which of My Cages I am to change to.
      Request the cage I am to change to by giving me the file number.
    • I will do an Edging Session with each cleaning.
      You may request video of the edging session or that I skip it.
    • I will ask if I may clean each Friday.
  • I may not be able to honor all requests and will tell you if I cannot.
  • If you do not remember to request a specific cage/underwear within a timely fashion
    I will choose them on my own.
  • You will need to remember you have all these options
    I will not remind you during the session.
  • During Signup, you get the following options to "Underwear or Diapers:":**
    • Both - Means I will wear diapers, underwear, or no underwear randomly.
    • Underwear Only - Means I will only wear underwear or no underwear randomly.
    • Diapers Only - Means I will only wear diapers or no underwear randomly.
  • **If you suggest my undies - your suggestion will override these options.**
  • **I would greatly appreciate any offers to buy me diapers or send me underwear.**

To get a turn running a chastity session for me, follow all the steps and fill out the form below.

  1. You need an account on EmlaLock.
    • It's a free service we will use to track everything for the session
    • Including the code to the lock box my keys are in.
    • There are lots of options which are covered on this page.
    • Note: We will still directly communicate via Text Message or Messengers.
  2. You need to have one of the following:
    The services listed are always installed on my phone,
    but I am willing to install other messengers onto my phone for my key holders.
    • US Cell Phone Number or
    • Any Messenger/Chat Service that has a Mobile App/Version.
      The following Apps are currently on my phone:
  3. Agree to the following:
    • You will setup the session for me on EmlaLock.
    • The Max Time can not be any longer than 4 weeks. (1 Month)
    • You may not transfer or sell my session.
    • I will send you a message on Saturday to setup my session.
      Failure to respond and provide me with a KeyID to use by Monday will forfeit your turn.
      You may return to this page to signup again.
    • If somehow I become unable to contact you via messenger, I will terminate the session as failed.

I do offer an option to allow you to have Ongoing Multiple Turns.
If you choose yes to Ongoing Multiple Turns:

  • You will be re-added to the wait list after each turn
  • I will ask you the following question after each of your turns:
    • Underwear, diapers or both?
      (Diapers Only, Underwear Only, or Both)
    • How often may I change underwear?
      (Daily, Every Other Day, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, on Only When Instructed.)
  • You will need to inform me when you wish to no longer have Ongoing Multiple Turns.

If you choose to not repeat sessions:
You will need to return to this page to signup again after each session.

If you agree:
Sign up here

The following people are waiting to be my key holder:

Chat Service Handle Underwear Change Ongoing
Telegram gamerzl Both Daily Yes
Telegram JoshFields Underwear Bi-Weekly Yes
Telegram Steel_pup Both Daily Yes
Telegram SushiSprinkles Underwear Every Other Day Yes
Telegram Leguma Underwear Weekly Yes
Telegram VulpesProcyon Diapers Every Other Day Yes
Telegram Wickedraccoon Both Bi-Weekly Yes
Telegram TheRedSkunk Both Every Other Day No
Telegram Jedimasterkarau Both When Instructed Yes

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