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Drako's Den

Lock Drako Up

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My Underwear Change Schedule | My Work Schedule
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I am currently in a session

Current Keyholder*

Chat Service Handle Underwear Change
Telegram JoshFields Underwear When Instructed
When not in session, as noted above, I am waiting for my
Current Keyholder to setup my session on using this step-by-step guide.

As a big feature of this kinky website:
I, Drako Swiftclaw, founder of Drako's Den, have decided to let you - the visitors to my little corner of the net - the ability to take ownership over me for up to 6 weeks at a time.

How am I going to let you own me?
You will be able to setup and run/track my chastity sessions using EmlaLock.
Therefore, you get turn(s) at being my key holder, and owning me for a bit.

For those that are not my current keyholder:
You may message me and request a "cage check" or an "underwear check"
I will send you a picture of cage/underwear.
You may also ask for cage/underwear checks in any chat I'm in
and I will have to share with the entire chat.

During our session:

  • I will send you up to 5 pictures via text/messenger every day.
    You can do as you wish with the pictures.
    Including posting them online.
    • Picture(s) proving I am still locked.
    • Picture(s) of my daily underwear or diaper/onesie.
  • You may request I wear any of My Underwear or a Diaper and when I change underwear.
    If you request I wear a diaper:
    You may request I wear any Specific Reusable/Disposable Diaper
    OR You may request I wear a Reusable or a Plain/Printed Disposable.
    You may also request I wear Plastic Pants and/or a Onesie.
    • Simply make the request by telling me the underwear Type and File #
      (ie "Underwear 5", "Reusable 1 with Onesie 1", "Diaper 3 with Plastic Pants 2")
      I'm willing to wear plastic pants and/or onesies over my diapers.
    • Or you may request I wear the same underwear or no underwear.
      Note: You can choose how often I change underwear,
      and if you do not make a request by the time I change:
      I will assume you left that decicion up to me and my randomizer.
      Read more about these options here.
    • Certain underwear would require I remove the cage to wear them.*
  • You may tease me and RP with me - either on DD Chat, DD Forums, or on Messenger.
    See My Kinks Here
  • You may request I do things on cam/video at any time.
    • Including having me use any of my toys, or have me do an Edging Session
    • This includes teasing me using my Lovense Hush plug. (My Username: jmac32here)
    • I will play with a random toy daily of my own choosing, except I edge on Friday before cleaning.
    • If the toy requires me to remove my cage, I will change cages after play.*
  • You may also Reward/Punish me by changing my time.
  • I will clean/shave/change cages every Friday.
    • You may request which of My Cages I am to change to.
      Request the cage I am to change to by giving me the file number.
    • I will do an Edging Session with each cleaning.
      You may request video of the edging session or that I skip it.
  • I may not be able to honor all requests and will tell you if I cannot.
  • If you do not remember to request a specific cage/underwear within a timely fashion
    I will choose them on my own.
  • You will need to remember you have all these options
    I will not remind you during the session.
  • During Signup, you get the following options to "Underwear or Diapers:":**
    • Both - Means I will wear diapers, underwear, or no underwear randomly.
    • Underwear Only - Means I will only wear underwear or no underwear randomly.
    • Diapers Only - Means I will only wear diapers or no underwear randomly.
  • **If you suggest my undies - your suggestion will override these options.**
  • **I would greatly appreciate any offers to buy me diapers or send me underwear.**

To get a turn running a chastity session for me, follow all the steps and fill out the form below.

  1. You need an account on EmlaLock OR
    I can adopt a random session from another Keyholder (Dual Keyholder Sessions)
    • It's a free service we will use to track everything for the session
    • Including the code to the lock box my keys are in.
    • There are lots of options which are covered on this page.
    • Note: We will still directly communicate via Text Message or Messengers.
  2. You need to have one of the following:
    • US Cell Phone Number or
    • Any Messenger/Chat Service that has a Mobile App/Version.
      The following Apps are currently on my phone:
  3. Agree to the following:
    • You will setup the session for me on EmlaLock OR
      You will tell me to adopt a random session.
    • The Max Time can not be any longer than 4 weeks. (1 Month)
    • You may not transfer or sell my session.
    • I will send you a message on Saturday to setup my session.
      Failure to respond and provide me with a KeyID to use by Monday will forfeit your turn.
      You may return to this page to signup again.
    • I reserve the right to fail the session for any reason, including any reason listed here.

You will need to return to this page to signup again after each session.
If no one is listed on the wait list below, I will adopt a random session.

If you agree:
Sign up here

The following people are waiting to be my key holder:

Chat Service Handle Underwear Change
Telegram Steel_pup Both Daily
Telegram SushiSprinkles Underwear Every Other Day
Telegram Leguma Underwear Weekly
Telegram VulpesProcyon Diapers Every Other Day
Telegram Wickedraccoon Both Bi-Weekly
Telegram TheRedSkunk Both Every Other Day
Telegram Jedimasterkarau Both When Instructed
Telegram RedTheFoxy Both Bi-Weekly

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