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I am currently in a session

Drako posts his daily cage/underwear checks on our Twitter feed:

Current Keyholder*

Chat Service Handle Underwear Change
Telegram @nekowolf Both Daily
When not in session, as noted above, I am waiting for my
Current Keyholder to Accept my session using this guide.

As a big feature of this kinky website:
I, Drako Swiftclaw, founder of Drako's Den, have decided give you the ability to sign up for a turn at being my chastity keyholder.
I do ask that sessions be no longer than 6-8 weeks to be fair to everyone.
We will run/track my chastity session using an online Keyholding Service.

For those that are not my current keyholder:
You may message me and request a "cage check" or an "underwear check"
I will send you a picture of cage/underwear.
You may also ask for cage/underwear checks in any chat I'm in and I will have to share with the entire chat.

Donations/Tips are greatly appreciated and help me keep this site online and offer this feature.

The current keyholder:

Quick tip: You may tell me the file numbers (or diaper name) for your choices.
Cage 13, Underwear 5, Cage 5 with underwear 25, No/Same Underwear
Reusable Diaper 2 with plastic pants 1, ABU Little Paws diaper with Onesie 3

For best results, we will need to be able to chat on a messenger or Text Messaging.
Preferably one with a mobile phone app I can send pictures with.

While you do not need an account on an online Keyholding Service
You may sign up for one that offers options to allow keyholders to setup sessions for wearers.
If you do have such an account, you may choose to setup my session for me.
I am willing to setup the session for you if you don't have an account or service preference.

  • These are free services we will use to track everything for the session
  • Which may include the code to the lock box my keys are in.
  • There are lots of options which are covered on this page.

I will need to change cages at least once a week for safety/comfort/hygiene.
I would like to edge, clean, shave, and change cages every Friday.

I will ask you at the end of your session if you would like another turn.
If you do, I will ask the questions from the form and re-add you to the wait list.
If not, you may return to this page to sign up again at any time.
If no one is listed on the wait list below, I will create/adopt a random session.

The signup form will ask you if you are ok with seeing me in diapers and how often I'm to change underwear.
This only applies to when I am left to choose my own underwear via a randomizer and your choices supersede those options.
If you are retroactive about choosing my underwear, you get the complete say of what you see me in.
If you are not ok with seeing me in diapers and the randomizer puts me in one, then I will not send you pictures of it.
You may also decide to buy/send me diapers and/or underwear.

To get a turn as my keyholder:

The following people are waiting to be my key holder:

Chat Service Handle Underwear Change
Telegram @Steel_pup Both Daily
Telegram JackScaleheart Diapers Daily

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