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Drako's Den

Lock Drako Up

My Work Schedule
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Donations/Tips are greatly appreciated and help me keep this site online.

My master, Clement Argent (ArgentFolfsky) keeps me locked up in chastity following these rules:

  • I am allowed out at least once a week for cleaning and comfort issues.
  • I am allowed to be out for my one "cheat day" between cage changes.
  • I may be allowed out for play time, at my master's discretion.
  • I might be allowed out for a week, depending on if the randomizer picks "no cage" as the cage I am to wear. (1 in 38 chance)
  • Anyone may choose the next cage, toy, or underwear/diaper I use - see below.
  • Anyone may ask for a cage/underwear check at anytime in any chat/messenger.
    If you ask for a check in a private message, I must show you what you ask to see.
    If you ask for a check in a public chat, I must show in that same chat.
    However, asking for an underwear check might lead to photos of me in a diaper.

You may use the buttons below to suggest my next cage, toy, and/or underwear/diaper.
You may see the options for my cages, toys, and underwear using the links above.

If there are no pending cage, toy, or underwear/diaper suggestions
I will pick them randomly for each change/use.

If I randomly pick underwear (not diapers) on the 10th/20th/30th of each month:
I will wear the same underwear through the following Saturday.

My master also runs a kink chat on Telegram.
Where I have to show my daily cage/underwear verification photos.
Along with videos showing me playing with my toys.
You can ask either of us if you would like to join.

I will note all cage, toy, and underwear/diaper suggestions on my calendar.
This will include how long I am to wear the same underwear.
People sending me underwear/diapers will be added to the calendar when the package arrives.

Suggest Drako's Next Cage Suggest Drako's Next Toy Suggest Drako's Next Underwear/Diaper

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