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Drako's Den



I am Drako Swiftclaw, and as an openly gay babyfur, I not only know how cruel the world can be, but have experienced it first hand.
Even as recently as with other local furries on Telegram and in chats.

You see, since I am open about who I am and the things I do, I have been publicly shunned on numerous occasions by people whom I once trusted.
Simply for being myself.

Sure, I am more open about what I like and don't like, and have not been known to shy away from that openness even when it came to my lifestyle and sexuality. Therefore, I have been outcast by quite a few people for even something as simple as being a gay "cat."

Therefore, I started my mission:
To create a safe space where people just like me can freely express their kinky lifestyles.

That is where Drako's Den comes in.
It is one of two websites that I created as a means to provide that safe haven for who live a kinky lifestyle, like myself.

Here, it is against the rules to be disrespectful towards another user, regardless of how they live their lives, what kinks and fetishes they have, or what they decide they would like to share.

Drako's Den is an adult website so you are free to express yourself in any way you see fit, just as long as you are not breaking any laws.
IE: No Bestiality, no kiddie porn, and no lolicon.

I want to keep Drako's Den a "drama free" zone:
No bashing on others for being themselves and absolutely no kink shaming.

I encourage you all to post and share anything you desire, and have fun!

For those of you browsing around, here's a tip:
If the preview/thumbnail seems to show something you are not into, then leave it be and don't click it!

Thank you,
Drako Swiftclaw
Founder of Drako's Den

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