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Drako's Den

Underwear Chastity Options

One option you have during your session with me is the ability not only to decide what underwear I can wear, but how often I am to change underwear.
By choosing my underwear per the change schedule for your session, you have control over what you see me in.

The options are:

  • Daily: 9 PM Every Day
  • Every Other Day: 9 PM Every Odd Day (1, 3, 5, 7, 9...)
  • Bi-Weekly: 9 PM Every Wednesday and Saturday
  • Weekly: 9 PM Every Friday (When I clean and change cages.)
  • When Instructed:
    Can only change underwear when you, my mate, or games like Wheel of Fortune tells me to.
    I will remind you once a week that you can choose my cages/underwear.
    I would like permission to at least wash the underwear and/or change at least once a week.
    If my mate chooses my next underwear, it may include diapers.

If you choose multiple pairs of underwear, I will queue them up and change per the schedule above.
Unless you tell me to change beforehand (no more than once per day).

Any day you choose underwear is the day I will change into your request, regardless of the change schedule above.
You may also request that I change into underwear of my choice at anytime to override the change schedule for that day.

Note on Diapers:

  • I will change diapers daily, since I will need to do so.
    (Because I do wet the diapers I wear.)
  • However, I will wear the same onesie/plastic pants for the entire time of the change schedule noted above.
  • I may change out of diapers/onesie into underwear for
    the remainder of the change schedule.
  • This may be done at your request or by random selection.

Note on No Underwear Sessions:
If you choose "None" for underwear during signup and do not choose "NA" for the change cycle:
I will start with no underwear, then change underwear per the cycle selected.
If you do choose NA, then the entire session will be without me wearing any underwear.

However, you may also decide to buy/send me underwear for me to wear for up to the entire length of your session.
(Pheraps even without washings, though I would still like to wash.)

If you send me underwear and choose for me to change daily-weekly:
I will wear your underwear first before changing to new ones.

If you send me underwear and choose for me to only change when instructed:
I will wear your underwear first until I am instructed to change underwear.
This could lead to me wearing the same underwear for the entire session.

If you do send me underwear to wear during your session
You decide what happens after I change out of your underwear:

  • I Send them back to you washed or unwashed.
  • I Trade them for your choice of any of my own underwear.
  • I keep them as a gift from you.

Please note that I am a US size Large (36-38 inch waist).

If you check the box on the Sign up form to Lock me up stating you are willing to send me underwear.
I will contact you via TXT/Messenger about your offer and provide you with all the details you will need to send me underwear.

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