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Drako's Den

Drako's Art Contest - Rules

Drako's Art Contest Follows these rules:

  • Drako's Art Contest allows users to Nominate any artwork by any artist, regardless of if the user is the artist or not, as long as it matches this month's Nomination Theme.
  • Nominations into Drako's Art Contest are anonymous - we do not know who submits Nominations.
  • Art Nominated into the Art Contest can be of any rating: General, Mature, and Adult.
  • The artist as the full right to decide to not accept the Nomination and participate in the Art Contest
  • Users are also allowed to suggest Themes for the Art Contest

We ask that users submit links to original art and not to any reposts. This way we can notify the original artist (usually using comments/notes on other sites) that their art has been Nominated into the Art Contest. The Original Artists will retain all rights to their work, and we will link to the original post on the other sites - while only showing a thumbnail here. (Which may be other art sites or artists' own sites.)

If an artist decides to not participate, they may reply to our "Notice of Nomination" stating such and we will honor their request by removing the nomination. All art that has been nominated will be listed in the Art Contest Nomination page pending this reply. If the artist does not reply, it may move to the voting stage with the other nominations that did not get removed per the artist's request.

While we do consider being nominated by fans into art contests like this one an honor, we also understand that there may be any reason an artist would not want to participate. We are a small, humble community grateful for the work of these artists, but understand that being included on a site like this one - or tied to any particular theme - may not be what some artists would want.

Before harassing our Team Members on any site in regards to our Notice of Nomination, please understand the following:

  1. We provide the Notice to allow artists the choice to be included or not.
    In other words, it's our way of asking if they would like to be included by accepting the nomination.
  2. We respect all artists wishes in regards to this Art Contest.
  3. We make the notice public so that all replies can be seen.
    This way users can see why a nomination didn't make it to voting.
  4. We list all nominations on our site pending the artists reply.
    If they decide to not participate, we remove their listing ASAP.

We are willing to link to these rules with our Notice of Nomination at any time.

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