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Drako's Den

Welcome to Drako's Den

A safe and (fetish / kink) friendly community where
furries/users can freely explore and express themselves.
We are the last furry community where true freedom of expression reigns.
All kinks are welcome and kink shaming will not be allowed.
Including Furry, Pup/Pony Play, ABDL, BDSM, LGBTQ, and more.
Our Official Domain is: (Thanks to Free DNS)
(If you got here via or, please update your bookmarks.)

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A Look Inside Drako's Den

Drako's Den is a large room within a cave in the mountainside with an open design.
Theres a space for entertainment of all types:

  • Comptuers and a TV
  • A St. Andrews Cross and Floggers/Rope
  • A bed and some toys - Including a Milker and Cum Storage System
  • An ABDL changing area
  • A public style shower stall.
  • A Hot Tub

The Den is built on the idea of being a safe place to hang out and have fun
So RP's and yiff are likely on the Chat and Forums.
Therefore we have built a detailed space to set the scene.

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Lock Drako Up

You can have a turn locking Drako up in chastity for up to a month.
During your session, Drako will send cage and underwear pictures daily via Messenger/SMS.
You may also have him do things for you on cam/vid.

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Our SFW Site: Drako's Playground

We also run an all ages (SFW) website called Drako's Playground.
A safe community for members of alternative lifestyles:
Including LGBTQ, Furry, Pup/Pony, and more.

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