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Drako's Den

Drako's Den Chat

User Description Board
A collection of descriptions, ranging from intrincate masterpices to simple one-liners.

If you happen to be in the chat while Drako Swiftclaw is present, you may want to cuddle up and say hi. Drako might take ideas and scenes from the chat here and commission them into art.

Any artist who joins Drako's Den Chat is also encouraged to draw any characters, scenes, or ideas from the chat at any time.
Our only request is that the art is either submitted to our Gallery or shown to us via a link - and we ask that you tell us if it is ok to use said art as header images here on Drako's Den.

Users wanting to be included in any of these art scenes must have a decent Description and/or a link to any reference pictures of your character(s) on the Description Board.

Drako's Den Chat is an IRC Channel on Anthrochat
You can join Drako's Den Chat on any IRC Client using the information below:
Channels: #Drako_Den and #Drako_Playground

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