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Drako's Den

Drako's Den Chat

DD Chat Room Description

As you enter the dimly lit Den, you take a look around to notice that the Den was a very large open space inside this mountain side cavern.

There was a small sign in the entryway that reads:
Welcome to Drako's Den:
This space is clothing optional and very kink friendly.
All kinks are welcome here.

There were several gas fireplaces along the walls that provided both heat and light to the room.

Off to one side was an entertainment nook. Complete with several compters, a TV, and several books. A few couches and chairs lined this area. Near the entertainment center, in the back corer, was a St. Andrew's Cross. Near this cross was a bunch of floggers and rope hanging on the wall.

Against the back wall was the bed to end all beds. Large enough that 2 or 3 dragons could sleep on it comfortably. On either side of this bed were a couple of bedside tables. On one table was a few BD Toys, including Bruiser and Chance, all of them had cumtubes that could be hooked up to the drain hose on the Artifical Nuts. Near the toys was a specailized set of strap on harnesses that were designed to hold those toys, and could be used by men in chastity. The other table had a collection of chastity cages, and a storage box for the keys to each cage.

Near the bed were also a couple of large devices:
One of those devices was a large dairy stile milking machine, which was designed to be used on male penises. (There was another milker nearby for tits, if the need arises.) The penis milker had tubes that went to the other device, which was merely labeled "Artificial Nuts". This other device was designed to store semenal fluid so that the fluid remained fresh and potent. The Artificial Nuts was also able to replicate more cum using the DNA of the semen already within the holding tank. Drako himself was the first donor to this machine, and donates to it regularly using the milker. But any male who gets hooked up to the milker also donates to this machine. So while it may have the cum of many species, the always on replicator never merges the DNA. The Artifical Nuts had a remote that would allow a user to drain out a certain amount of cum through the drain hose with the push of a button. This would be useful with the cumtube toys to fill a willing bottom with the sperm of those who donated to the machine. The milker also has a few suction heads designed to fit over, and work with bits locked in a chastity cage. There was another switch that would switch where the seed went - either to the Artificial Nuts, or directly into a cumtube devive to be inserted into a willing bottom directly.

Tucked away in the back corner opposite of the entertainment center were a few smaller beds, some cribs, and even a large changing area for our ABDL and Babyfur visitors. This area seemed to always be fully stocked with diapers of all prints and sizes, neatly stashed in a closet near the changing tables. Drako even likes to make sure theres some cute printed diapers and even some with girly colors and prints.

On the wall opposite the entertainment center was an open design bathroom. There was a toilet, which was the only thing cordoned off into its own room. And next to the room with the toilet was a large stall of public style showers, a total of 5 showers within. The showers could be easily seen by anyone in the room, but the toilet itself was stashed in its own room and not always visible to all in the Den.

Next to the showers was a huge hot tub, which was always ready for anyone who may need to take a dip to relax, or use the hot tub in any other devious way.

Regarding Art from Scenes in DD Chat

If you happen to be in the chat while Drako Swiftclaw is present, you may want to cuddle up and say hi. Drako might take ideas and scenes from the chat here and commission them into art.

Any artist who joins Drako's Den Chat is also encouraged to draw any characters, scenes, or ideas from the chat at any time.
Our only request is that the art is either submitted to our Gallery or shown to us via a link - and we ask that you tell us if it is ok to use said art as header images here on Drako's Den.

Users wanting to be included in any of these art scenes must have a decent Description and/or a link to any reference pictures of your character(s) on the Description Board.

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