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Drako's Den

Drako's Den Chat

To protect our channel from SPAM, we require all users to either:

  1. Register their Nickname(s) and login using a Registered Nick OR
  2. Message a moderator, who will ask questions to determine if you deserve Voice Status

Before you may participate in our chat rooms.

To Register your Nick, you will first need to connect to the IRC Chat Service using either the Chat Widget or any IRC Client.

Once you are logged in for the first time,
you will need to enter the following command:
/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

Where PASSWORD is your chosen password to login and
EMAIL is your current e-Mail Address.

For Example:
/msg nickserv register ILoveIRC

After your Nick is registered, NickServ will prompt you to provide your password every time you login.
Some IRC Clients allow you to save the password so you won't have to verify with each login.

To login with a Registered Nick follow the directions in the message from NickServ or enter the followng command:
/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD

For Example:
/msg nickserv identify ILoveIRC

Other Chat Rooms
DWS Offers other chat spaces to users and allows owners of even more chat rooms to be listed on their Chat FFA Page.
This button will open a new window to DWS' Chat Links.

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