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Drako's Den

Pick Drako's Cage

The calendar shows Drako's work schedule and selections made for him:
Drako's Calendar
Here you can see the options available to select from:
Drako's Cages Drako's Toys Drako's Underwear

Donations/Tips are greatly appreciated and help us keep this site online.

Using the form below, you may pick Drako's next cage.
You may also decide how long he is to wear your chosen cage.
He will note all cage selections on his calendar.

You may opt into him sending you:

  • Photos of him wearing the cage you picked out for him.
  • Vidoes of the toys he plays with each day he wears your cage selection.
  • Photos of him wearing underwear/diapers over your cage selection.

All photos/videos will be sent to you via private messages on the chat service of your choice or via SMS/TXT.

During the time he wears your chosen cage:

  • He will send you the requested media each night.
  • He will tell you about any randomly chosen toy
    • Which you may chose a different toy to override
  • However, he may need to take it off or change cages for comfort reasons.
    • Though he will let you pick which cage he can change to.

You will need to provide contact details if you want to send Drako a cage/device so he can contact you as to where to send them.
If you are sending me a cage/device, he also needs to know:

  • If you are sending a cage/device you already have
    He will need the Name you will use on the return label.
  • If you are buying him a cage/device
    You will need to tell/link him to the a cage/device you are sending so he knows who sent them.
    Or send me the tracking information from the order.
  • He will also ask
    If you want to trade cages or
    If you want him to return the cage after he's worn it or
    If the cage is a gift for him to keep.

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